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JS Pet Transport

UK and European Transport for Cats and Dogs

Frequently Asked questions

Do I need to supply a cage?

No, we supply the cages. However if you wish to send a cat's carrier box with a cat, we can accept that.

What about my pet's food?

You can, if you wish, supply food for your pet's travel. Please mark it with your pet's name. Otherwise, we will feed a good quality dried food.

What about bedding for my pet?

We supply clean, comfortable bedding for your pet. If you wish to supply your pet's own bed, we may be able to accommodate your request but cannot guarantee that the bed will arrive at the destination in a clean condition.

Can I phone the driver to check on my pet?

No, we are sorry but for safety reasons, we cannot allow the driver to be distracted en route. We will keep you updated by text, email, Facebook, Messenger or other means during your pet's journey and if you have any specific enquiries, please contact us through the usual means and we can check with the driver when he makes a scheduled stop en route.

What happens if my pet becomes ill during the journey?

Please rest assured that should your pet unfortunately become ill during the journey, other than initial travel sickness, we will make our best endeavour to get your animal to the nearest vet.

Will my dog get a walk?

Yes, your dog will get a walk during the scheduled stops.

What about if there is a delay?

If there is any sort of long delay for any reason, your pet will be offered food and water and we will keep you updated.

Can you guarantee times of pickup and arrival?

We will do our very best to stick to the scheduled times but there may be events outside of our control, so we cannot guarantee either pickup or arrival times. However, we will keep you updated.