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JS Pet Transport

UK and European Transport for Cats and Dogs, Pet Courier

Welcome To Our Pet Transportation Services

We are animal lovers who want to make sure that your pet's journey is as stress-free as possible.


We can cater for dogs and cats. We offer European travel to France, Northern and Western  Spain and Portugal.

We also offer a pet taxi  and pet courier service in the UK. For example:  if you need to transport your dog or cat across the UK to a new address or you need some help taking your pet to the vet. We charge per mile/time involved.

Clean, Comfortable Pet Travel

We provide clean, comfortable bedding, fresh drinking water, good quality food, if required, for all your pets.

We make regular stops at safe and quiet locations to walk dogs.  Slip leads are used at all time,but if you prefer, you may attach a dog harness for your pet to wear during the journey.



For all our EUROPEAN  trips  we use Eurotunnel which means we remain with your pet at all times

Our cage sizes  currently are these but we are upgrading sizes very shortly:

Small = H-38cm  W-32cm  L-55cm

Medium = H-48cm W-43cm L-60cm

Medium Large = H-52cm W-47 L-75cm

Large= H-61cm W-22cm L-90cm

Extra Large= H-75cm W-70cm L-105cm

Please send us the height of your dog, measure from the floor to the top of the shoulder, plus tell us its weight


Door to Door Service Available

We try to use meeting points where possible - prices start at £260 for a cat and  £299 for a dog, but  sometimes we can also deliver your pet to you directly for an additional cost. Please contact us for a quotation. Prices for this service usually start at £355.



We offer the option to hire the whole van for a fixed price.  Then you chose which pets you transport and from where and to.

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